Design thinking for educators toolkit

Our IB Group 4 project this October was a design challenge. The creative Design Thinking for Educators Toolkit.pdfcompany IDEO inspired our vision and planning.

Their Design Thinking for Educators Toolkit is a must read for anyone wanting to create authentic design experiences for students.

We kicked of day one by showing students David Kelley’s TED talk on How to build your creative confidence. He says that the world is not made up of creative and non-creative (more analytical) types. Given the right environment we can all all be creative . . . I agree!

The prototype that won the students choice award was the bicycle phone charger, but check out the other prototypes as well. They are all unique and authentic.

I would love to take a class at the someday!

In addition to the Toolkit you can find more information on Design Thinking at any of the following websites:


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