Don’t you just love it when Chemistry inspires poetry. Thank you Aditi!

do not fear the night
it is merely the rotation of the earth as
the sun goes out to work, he will return.

and there is light
the moon and the stars shine only to reassure you
they align and reflect in your milky eyes as
little silver linings to the rain clouds hiding between your tear ducts as you weep

tears composed of salt crystals and water travel down your cheekbones till they reach
the tip of your tongue, taste the salt. take everything with a pinch of salt.

the word ‘salary’ comes from the word salt, it is believed,
that roman soldiers were once paid in little amounts of this now abundant compound, this
simple molecule has caused wars, but has also fueled peace,
in the 1930s Gandhi led the non-violent salt march which eventually culminated
in a country’s independence- let the salt from their hurtful words set you free

let it accumulate in your veins and do not let it leak
use it to your advantage, expel it with such force your oppressors are blown away,
left in disbelief.

expel this sodium chloride not through the passive tears in your eyes but
through sweat, do not fear the night because the sun does shine for you as
it burns and boils to enable the wetting of your armpits, as unappealing as that seems
it is easy to cry but it is much harder to perspire, inspire, and achieve

it is a fact, that the percentage of salt in the human blood is the same
as it was in sea water when the earliest life on earth was developing, bleed
expel the salt not through blood from the cuts on your wrist but from
the blisters on your hands and the calluses on your feet as you toil away to succeed

did you know that salt is readily soluble in water? that it dissociates into ions in the sea?
and did you know it does the same in our bodies? these ions aid in transmitting your
thoughts from neuron to neuron, allow them to carry your energy as electricity
through wires that run up and down and through every nerve in your body,

and did you know that sodium chloride is often used to preserve?
maybe this is why bullies sprinkle this on their words before firing them out
a cruel additive, but you know better than to let them win.

doctors say to limit salt intake. high blood pressure, heart attacks,
but i say to hell with that, life will throw it in your face, it will blur your eyes but
you cannot expel until you have enough, so let it build up

it is a fact that, when drilling through loose sand, salt is added for stability
let the salinity of their curse stabilize your heartbeat and bring you peace

do not let yourself be the doormat upon which they place their footprints
and heavy emotional baggage, a doormat is not made to bear burdens,
but to welcome– so invite them in,
and let the salt pile up.”

– Aditi Babel

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